A Day out to Mamalla Beach Resort

Team building and the bonding between the members is crucial for a company to succeed. Almost always, it is the joint efforts of the whole team eventually decide the success or failure of a project. In such case, team building in the workplace becomes absolutely essential for a number of reasons.

Keeping this in mind and to celebrate our successful completion of 2014, we planned for a day out with the entire team of Zadoians.

We all started from our office and our vehicles stopped at the gate of ‘Mamalla resort




The day started with breakfast in Kovalam. Then we all headed to the resort. Where we all first jumped into the swimming pool.



It was followed by a buffet lunch with the entire team. All of us enjoyed the the togetherness and sharing. We all had a great time sitting at the dinning and having cool chit chats. People got to know each other and learnt about the likes and dislikes of each one of us.


This outing also helped us to know each of our qualities and the sense of belongingness to Zado.

We had nice time playing indoor and outdoor games which was then followed by singing and dancing.

It was a long tiring but ultimately successful day out with the team and a memorable “GROUPFY”



Had a great day with the team getting to know each other.

Watch out for this space to know more about Zado 2.0 with a new website.







Zado is a provider of test automation solutions with specific focus on web, mobile and cloud applications. Our framework-driven approach to test automation ensures reliability and performance of your applications in diverse environments and complexities. Our Center of Excellence works towards ensuring the success of every test automation initiative of our customers, irrespective of the stage that they are in – start-up, transitional, mature or end-of-life. We have successfully helped start-up, eCommerce and Independent Software Vendors with their automation needs. Our goal is to ensure quality of your software using test automation optimally. We are open to doing PoC's and Pilots that prove our credibility. We also have an innovative engagement model, Enhance – Optimize – Transfer (EOT), where we implement automation testing and transition it to your local teams. Our points of intervention after that, will be only towards enhancing the automation framework. Zado automation frameworks help manual testers write their own test scripts without the necessary automation expertise. This qualifies manual testers into automation testers, providing better economies of scale and faster ROI of your automation efforts.

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