Independent testing – the only way to ensuring product quality!

  • In most ISVs & Software Enabled Businesses, developers double up as testers and there is no formal testing process in place
  • QA is typically given a step-motherly treatment and is looked at only when schedule and time permits

This is most likely to result in increased rework, decreased customer satisfaction, decrease in profits, loss of business, increased bug fixing costs and product recalls.

Independent testing or 3rd party testing, as it is famously called can help ISVs & Software Enabled Businesses in removing all the pains listed above.

 Some of the reasons that substantiate usage of 3rd party testing are:

  • Good software development practice calls for separating the development team from the testing team. This allows provision of unbiased view of the product quality and greater visibility of product issues. It also reduces direct staff costs, for the ISVs do not have to staff them internally
  • Testing lifecycle goes through staffing peaks and troughs and this becomes a huge challenge for in-house testing functions, whereas 3rdparty testing companies has that flexibility
  • ISV’s can save up to 40% in direct staff cost and around 20% in associated costs by outsourcing it to a 3rd party testing company
  • 3rd party testing companies can help ISVs reduce their time to market with increased product quality, enhancing their competitive advantage
  • Software product testing is a specialist skill, and cannot be accomplished by the developer community. It is difficult for ISVs to allocate enough funds to internally hire expert resources or train their existing resources, resulting in compromised product quality
  • Partnership gives you time, flexibility, bandwidth and platform to thoroughly test your product(s)?
  • 3rd party can bring IP in the form of test automation frameworks and the experience of having been there and done that for ISVs

I’d be interested in addressing any specific queries that any of the readers may have.


Zado is a provider of test automation solutions with specific focus on web, mobile and cloud applications. Our framework-driven approach to test automation ensures reliability and performance of your applications in diverse environments and complexities. Our Center of Excellence works towards ensuring the success of every test automation initiative of our customers, irrespective of the stage that they are in – start-up, transitional, mature or end-of-life. We have successfully helped start-up, eCommerce and Independent Software Vendors with their automation needs. Our goal is to ensure quality of your software using test automation optimally. We are open to doing PoC's and Pilots that prove our credibility. We also have an innovative engagement model, Enhance – Optimize – Transfer (EOT), where we implement automation testing and transition it to your local teams. Our points of intervention after that, will be only towards enhancing the automation framework. Zado automation frameworks help manual testers write their own test scripts without the necessary automation expertise. This qualifies manual testers into automation testers, providing better economies of scale and faster ROI of your automation efforts.

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