Top 5 Emerging Software testing & Test automation Trends

Top 5 Emerging Software testing & Test automation Trends

It is interesting to look at how the test automation industry grew over the past few years and where it’s heading in the Microservices & Mobile driven development. Based on the other key indicators, expert’s predictions and industry reports, here are the top 5 software testing & test automation trends  that Zado thinks as the next generation trends for industries to watch out for.

  • Merger of QA and Developers Roles

Quality assurance is considered one of the most important steps in product development. As agile development became normalized, validation worked its way more closely into the actual coding phase using techniques such as Test Driven Development.  With the emergence of DevOps, QA is experiencing the merger of development and IT Operations. The developers and operation managers have started adopting testing activity as a part of their day-to-day job. The experts predict that the roles of developers and testers will merge in the years to come.

  • Mobile Testing

Mobile application testing and test automation have been creating major impact in the software testing industry. The modern mobile apps need to deliver personalized and flawless user experience. It triggers organizations to strategize and implement a formal mobile testing strategy to enhance the test coverage and make the testing efforts uniform. However, mobile application testing is hugely impacted by the latest versions of mobile operating systems and rapid technological transformations. Open-source frameworks and Mobile DevOps will lead the expansion of mobile test automation landscape.

  • Testing of Big Data & Analytics

The Big Data has three unique characteristics—Volume, Velocity, and Variety. Today’s big data applications are growing dramatically and quality management for Big Data implementations will emerge. Devices, applications, and networks generate a huge source of unstructured and broken data ultimately leading to faulty and costly decisions if quality management is missing. As more and more data is being generated from multiple sources, Organizations will need to manage and aggregate all of the testing activities from one central quality management platform.

  • Micro Services Testing

There has been a huge shift from service based architectures to smaller and more focused “micro” services. There are many benefits with this approach such as the ability to independently deploy, scale and maintain each component and parallelize development across multiple teams. We will see organizations investing in Micro Services which makes it easy to test and deploy products & applications. They tend to look for approaches for managing the additional testing complexity of multiple independently deployable components and multiple teams acting as guardians for different services.

  • Selenium Automation

Selenium is skyrocketing in the automation tools industry since enterprises are increasingly using web applications. Supporting the onward rise of web and mobile app test automation, the industry will see increased use Selenium in the quest to lower costs while increasing efficiency and quality. Many tools and frameworks will increase their capability to cover more of the software development process from inception to production.

With this, Z hopes that software testing and test automation professionals seize the emerging opportunities in the global testing market, which is estimated to reach US $50 billion by 2020 by NASSCOM.


Zado is a provider of test automation solutions with specific focus on web, mobile and cloud applications. Our framework-driven approach to test automation ensures reliability and performance of your applications in diverse environments and complexities. Our Center of Excellence works towards ensuring the success of every test automation initiative of our customers, irrespective of the stage that they are in – start-up, transitional, mature or end-of-life. We have successfully helped start-up, eCommerce and Independent Software Vendors with their automation needs. Our goal is to ensure quality of your software using test automation optimally. We are open to doing PoC's and Pilots that prove our credibility. We also have an innovative engagement model, Enhance – Optimize – Transfer (EOT), where we implement automation testing and transition it to your local teams. Our points of intervention after that, will be only towards enhancing the automation framework. Zado automation frameworks help manual testers write their own test scripts without the necessary automation expertise. This qualifies manual testers into automation testers, providing better economies of scale and faster ROI of your automation efforts.

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