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Mobile Automation – Should I use Robotium or Calabash or Appium?

There are a lot of tools available for mobile application automated testing. In this blog post we will try to compare among three of them – Robotium, Calabash and Appium. Let’s look at them individually and find out what are

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Testing ideas for Retail and E-commerce portals

Ecommerce is heavily dependent on software applications and they form the critical core of the business. Also, the industry is so dynamic that, changes need to be implemented on a daily basis. In such a scenario, a manual testing process

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Mobile Testing Tool Selection

Mobile Testing Tool Selection Did You Select the Right Tool for Testing Mobile Software ?  Are you confident that the tool you have selected to test your mobile software will support the mutations? With the rising number of mobile application,

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Top 5 Mobile Automation tools for Android apps

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Test Automation – Is it the holy grail of product quality?

Test automation is expensive and takes ages to justify the investments.  Automation resources are top-heavy and would mean a lot of upfront costs.  Product Road map is not clearly defined and we aren’t sure if automation is appropriate for us?

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